The Kent Maddock memorial award was launched at Q Shelter’s AGM in November 2022 and acknowledges place-based alliances taking action to end homelessness and housing need.

Beginning in 2023, this will be an annual award announced each year in November as part of our CEO and Leaders’ Forum.

The award selection process will examine the diversity of participation and the range of stakeholders from the community sector, for-profit sector, government, and other sectors such as the arts. It will consider:

  • Initiatives that actively worked to overcome competition and achieve respectful partnerships in which leadership is shared and encouraged; and
  • The impact that the alliance is having, or is on a trajectory to have, to help end homelessness and housing need.

Kent Maddock made an outstanding contribution to the lives of countless Queenslanders, both in his professional consultancy career and as Deputy Director-General of the Department of Justice and Attorney General. He also made an incredible impact through his volunteer appointments, including Co-chair of Under 1 Roof, President of the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre, Board Director of Epilepsy Queensland, Chair of La Boite Theatre, and the Attorney-General’s representative at the Queensland Legal Aid Commission.

Kent understood that the sum of us is far more powerful than the individual, and that together we can truly make a difference for others.

Applications for the 2023 Kent Maddock memorial award have now closed. The winner will be announced at Q Shelter’s AGM on 9 November.

Kent Maddock

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