Taking a collaborative approach, the Peaks' Partnership supports the sector and provides input to Government on planning and policy advancements.  

Q Shelter led the formation of the Queensland Housing and Homelessness Peaks’ Partnership in November 2020. The partnership is focused on supporting solutions to homelessness and housing need.

There are six organisations involved. They include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Queensland
  • Queensland Youth Housing Coalition Inc
  • Community Housing Industry Association
  • Council to Homeless Persons Queensland
  • Community Services Industry Alliance
  • Q Shelter.


Key, agreed priorities:

  • more social and affordable housing with a target of 32,000 dwellings by 2032 
  • planning reforms such as inclusionary zoning  
  • strategic approaches to identifying and securing land for social and affordable housing (involving all levels of Government, the private sector and community services) 
  •  additional support to assist vulnerable individuals and families to exit homelessness and sustain their housing 
  • a commitment to service integration and the effective coordination of State agencies to achieve prevention and early intervention. 

The partnership aims to provide information, tools and resources to improve our capability and capacity offerings. If interested in partnering with Q Shelter, contact us.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Housing Queensland Queensland Youth Housing Coalition Inc. Community Housing Industry Association CHPQ Q Shelter - Because home matters Community Services Industry Alliance