Homelessness system elements

The design of an effective housing and homelessness system includes some key elements for success including:

  • Effective and decentralised access points for assistance
  • 24/7 telephone hotline fully enabled to broker an immediate accommodation response while ensuring active and effective referrals for support
  • A capable wider human services system able to offer preventative assistance in a timely way
  • Prevention of homelessness through State agency protocols preventing exits to homelessness
  • A high-quality, consistent assessment tool as a basis for developing a housing and support plan
  • Software and IT enablement of shared assessments and plans underpinned by informed consent
  • Service integration and tenancy sustainment practices embedded in all service models and funding agreements
  • Brokerage to assist with immediate responses and tenancy sustainment
  • Capacity for assertive outreach across the continuum of assistance in all regional systems
  • Flexible funding arrangements to ensure person-centred responses to presenting needs with a focus on outcomes measurement.


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