Brisbane 2032

We know the Queensland Government is working hard on an integrated set of housing solutions and a new long-term Housing Plan. However, its success may be undermined unless specific actions are in place to prevent negative housing impacts from Brisbane 2032.


  1. Greater investment in supportive housing, in major inner urban locations, as a response to people who are homeless and have complex needs in the runway to Brisbane 2032.
  2. Optimal conversion of the athletes’ village precincts into social, affordable, and accessible homes to be delivered by community housing organisations (CHOs).
  3. Establishment of a ‘Housing Trust’ to capture ESG and other philanthropic contributions to diversify funding available for social and affordable homes. The Trust could also provide a value capture from major commercial and procurement activities from the games.
  4. A workforce housing strategy to ensure that all infrastructure projects related to the Games have a plan for how the workforce will be housed, with the least possible impact on existing housing markets and conditions.
  5. Housing market impacts related to Brisbane 2032 to be frequently monitored and reported on as part of the Queensland Government Monitoring Program inclusive of a role for the Housing Supply Expert Panel.


A range of workforce needs are emerging, and the future of contemporary service models will depend on an available workforce with the skills needed to deliver programs of housing and support.


  1. Fund a traineeship/cadetship program to support housing and homelessness services to attract a new workforce.$3 million.
  2. Secure subsidised training and education in housing and homelessness areas in support of sector growth and to reduce training costs for the workforce (certificate and diploma levels).


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