April 26, 2024
Pinkenba site plans disappointing as homelessness crisis persists
March 4, 2024
As elections loom local government role in housing supply critical to success
February 22, 2024
Letter to Federal Minister for Housing and Homelessness on funding beyond June 2024
February 5, 2024
Q Shelter calls for a shift toward supply-side strategies as home ownership rates plunge
February 3, 2024
Building homes faster is critical to housing solutions
February 5, 2024
Q Shelter prepares analysis of Homes for Queenslanders plan
February 2, 2024
Youth Foyer investment a welcome boost for proven effective solution
February 1, 2024
Peak housing and homelessness body welcomes increase for homelessness services
January 30, 2024
Quotes from Q Shelter on the imminent release of the Queensland Housing Plan
November 19, 2023
Call for housing ministers to put home ownership on the agenda
November 12, 2023
Brisbane 2032 Legacy Plan not enough to prevent housing market impacts
November 3, 2023
Pinkenba progress needs collaboration
October 11, 2023
Social Housing Accelerator Funds for Queensland welcome step but focus on immediate supply still critical
September 20, 2023
Q Shelter urges greater scale and acceleration of housing supply to needed as part of the Housing Roundtable to meet current acute needs
September 8, 2023
Land audits paves way for new homes on the Gold Coast
August 16, 2023
Housing Ministers' meeting a welcome step
August 2, 2023
Response to Deputy Premier’s announcement of draft South–East Queensland Regional Plan
July 28, 2023
Q Shelter backs Housing Australia Future Fund returning to Senate
June 17, 2023
New Federal funding for social housing welcome
June 14, 2023
Economic strength an opportunity for more investment in social and affordable housing
June 13, 2023
Fast-tracked social housing a welcome addition to Queensland budget announcements
May 30, 2023
Housing Trust welcomed in Brisbane 2032 legacy engagement
May 18, 2023
Q Shelter welcomes new housing portfolio
May 17, 2023
National plan needed to end poverty
May 10, 2023
Budget announcements a step in the right direction for vulnerable households
April 20, 2023
An opportunity to make rental laws fairer for all Queenslanders
March 28, 2023
Q Shelter proposes additional measures to accelerate immediate housing supply
March 22, 2023
Regional Queensland hurting in census data
March 21, 2023
Queensland's rental market in crisis
March 20, 2023
Predicting future demand for housing key to a home for every Queenslander
March 15, 2023
Q Shelter urges community to support vital rental reforms
February 8, 2023
Homelessness services to lose staff during housing crisis
January 31, 2023
The areas of Queensland worst affected by housing stress
January 9, 2023
Renters continue to struggle in Queensland
December 30, 2022
Q Shelter welcomes expanded Queensland Housing Supply Expert Panel
December 1, 2022
Housing summit outcomes to provide immediate support for households in crisis
November 29, 2022
Brisbane sees the sharpest decline in rental affordability in the nation during 2022
November 23, 2022
Housing need hits record high
November 15, 2022
Housing and homelessness experts meet to develop legacy plan
October 26, 2022
New trajectory for housing in Queensland and Australia
October 18, 2022
Queensland rental crisis teetering on the edge of a cliff
October 18, 2022
Modular home industry can help address immediate housing need
October 18, 2022
Housing trust solution to help end homelessness
September 23, 2022
Q Shelter congratulates Premier on enabling secondary dwellings
September 13, 2022
Q Shelter congratulates Premier on plans for housing summit
September 8, 2022
Housing system solutions urgently required
July 25, 2022
Go for Gold in legacy for Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games
June 19, 2022
Commitment to housing supply and affordability commended
June 14, 2022
Queensland Housing Crisis Needs Co-ordination and Leadership
May 22, 2022
Queensland housing sector gears up for housing growth opportunities
May 4, 2022
Sector United to Address Housing Crisis on Sunshine Coast
May 3, 2022
Housing Crisis Deepens, But Hills Optimistic About the Future
May 1, 2022
Progress towards a national approach to housing affordability and supply
April 21, 2022
Federal Leaders’ Debate Falls Short on Nationally Co-ordinated Approach to Housing Solutions
March 31, 2022
More needed from Federal Government to solve housing crisis
March 22, 2022
Housing affordability takes a hit – regionally and globally
March 9, 2022
Not for profit real estate agencies ready to step up in response to flood crisis
February 17, 2022
State’s peak body welcomes investment to provide housing and support for older women
November 24, 2021
Low-income households priced out of the rental market as rent prices in Queensland continue to soar to new heights
June 15, 2021
A Housing Budget for Queensland
March 11, 2024
Cost-of-living needs systemic approach
April 21, 2024
Implementation barriers challenge housing and homelessness outcomes